Collection: Joel Richardson

Fire Sale Collection

In the vivid realm of contemporary Canadian art, Joel Richardson emerges as a luminary whose journey through creative landscapes spans decades, continents, and mediums.

At the heart of Richardson's trajectory lies an unwavering commitment to dismantling the veneer of capitalist orthodoxy, a theme that blazes through the very core of "Fire Sale." Richardson's early years were imbued with a fervent curiosity for extremes, weaving techniques and concepts in a tapestry that transcended traditional portraiture. This restless fusion of ideas and methods laid the foundation for his later exploration of societal documentation, culminating in his unique brand of gonzo documentary filmmaking.

"Fire Sale" illuminates Richardson's shift into an era of multidisciplinary dominance, where his creations cease to merely inhabit space but rather seize it with unyielding purpose. His fascination with the intersection of false representation and truth unveils itself in neon-drenched manifestos and multimedia spectacles. Men in suits clutching jerry cans, a potent metaphor for the tensions between power and dissent, weave through his oeuvre, challenging us to question the sacred and untrue facets of our existence.

Joel Richardson