Collection: DONALD A. PETERS

The Genius of Donald A. Peters

Rarely throughout the history of art has there been a talent so versatile, so abundant with skill, fantasy and "storytelling" as that of Donald A. Peters.

Mr. Peters was born in Indianapolis, Indiana. After receiving his Bachelor of Fine Arts from John Herron Art School in 1950, Don was invited to exhibit in The Metropolitan Museum, The Whitney Museum, and The National Pastel Society of New York. Don settled in Taos, New Mexico, in 1950. During the short period he exhibited, from 1950 through 1953, Don won numerous awards and honourable mentions at both local and regional levels.

Don left Taos in 1953 and began his career in Hollywood. He was first hired by Walt Disney and later worked for several studios, including M.G.M., Paramount, Twentieth Century Fox, Warner Bros., Columbia and Filmation. He worked as an Art Director, Visual Consultant, Creative Consultant, and Associate Producer and also wrote Academy Award-nominated screenplays and created concept art for the original Planet of the Apes movie in the mid-1960s.

An Academy Award nomination came in 1966 for "Naked Prey", an original screenplay and story. The 1964 Venice Film Festival award for dramatic short subject went to Don for his screenplay "The Soldier".

His paintings and drawings were and are owned by His Majesty King Charles III, John Wayne, Bing Crosby, Lee Remick, Blake Edwards, Julie Andrews, Jane Withers, Peter Hurd, Bill Wellman, Jack Warden, Henry Mancini, Diane Steele, and others.

Two of his most beloved works, WHERE DREAMS COME TRUE and ALICE, represent the best of both his craft and imagination. Using only a Number 1 brush he has captured the mystery and charm inherent in both wondrous works of literature.