Our existence is a magnificent collage

in intricate fusion of our circumstances and choices. Every piece makes up the unique and vibrant masterpiece of who we are today. Through fashion and art, we explore a myriad of styles, transforming ourselves into living embodiments of our stories, memories, and symbolic representations of our unique journeys.

July 14 to 30, 2023

three of Canada's most original collage artists come together at studio IDFK with an arresting show of diverse styles, methodologies and subjects.

  • Zoe Dewar

    Zoe is a freestyle artist inspired by existence and thoughts formed by the heart, spirit and human collective. Here I will share my most authentic thoughts and feelings. 

    From my heart to yours through art ♡ 

  • Louis Fishauf

    Louis Fishauf is one of Canada’s foremost graphic designers. He began his career as an editorial designer and art director, working at a succession of Canadian publications. His editorial design work won numerous awards including five Gold National Magazine Awards for art direction and cover design.

  • Mash Vass

    Mash was born and raised in Toronto and began her artistic journey nearly a decade ago. She draws inspiration from artists like Frida Kahlo, Lee Krasner and Hannah Höch, blending their work with her own experiences exploring themes such as death & life, masculine & feminine, and the movement of the human body.