Collection: Mash Vass

Mash has always been captivated by the ability to create a world within a canvas. She draws her inspiration from artists such as Frida Kahlo, Lee Krasner and Hannah Höch. She combines her inspiration with her own lived experiences and explores themes around death and life, the masculine and feminine, and the movement of the human body. Her preferred medium of choice is collage, particularly when she’s able to combine her photography and ink work together.

Her work has been featured in numerous art shows as well as online publications around the world. She completed a Mudhouse Art Residency program in Crete in 2019 and recently completed the Iris Artist Program and SkopArt Residency in Greece, in 2022.

"Change your perspective and you can change the world."

She hopes that her work sparks a moment of joy, sadness, clarity, compassion, and wisdom.

Mash Vass